What's it all about?

Every Queensland council has colourful stories to share.

From harnessing innovative technology to drive efficiencies, through to finding new solutions to old problems, councils strive to provide the best value for their ratepayers' money.

Queenslanders have said they want to know more about how councils spend their rates, and what's being done to move the community forward while providing tailored local services.

Better Councils, Better Communities is a council-driven project to connect Queenslanders with their council, offering a platform to share success stories.

Councils are working hard to ensure their communities move forward in a financially sustainable way. The stories shared through Better Councils, Better Communities aim to deepen community understanding of:

  • the huge role councils play in the lives of their citizens
  • the broad range of service delivery and operations managed by councils
  • the continued effort by councils to drive improvement in performance and efficiency

We want to hear from you

We'd love you to join the conversation and help showcase the great work of your local council.

Have you attended a council-run event? Did you start a community program with help from your council? Do you know a local council character having a real impact in your community?

Share your stories on social media using #BetterCouncils or send us your story idea.